Integrated hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA previously cloned from a hepatocellular carcinoma genomic library derived from a Japanese patient was characterized further. Sequence analysis of restriction fragments bearing the virus-host junctions defined 3125 nucleotides of essentially un-rearranged HBV DNA of the subtype with the right junction mapping within the cohesive region at position 1970 and the left within the pre-core at position 1886. The right viral-host junction contains a 7 bp repeat (TGTAGGC) and a possible 2 bp inversion. The integrated HBV DNA includes the complete open reading frames for core, pre-S, S and polymerase and a 3′ truncated X gene, and lacks most of the pre-core. Integration has occurred at a mutational hot spot of the viral genome and appears to be located in a region of semi-repetitive genomic DNA 3′ to the β-globin gene cluster.


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