This study outlines the effects of a modification of the actin-based cytoskeleton on the maturation of rabies virus in human neuroblastoma cell and primary rat cortical neuron cultures. In a Ca-depleted or an EGTA-containing medium, disruption of microfilaments did not affect intracellular viral nucleoprotein synthesis, as demonstrated by dual-immunofluorescence microscopy, and caused no change in the extracellular titre of rabies virus. Furthermore, the continuous presence of the anti-calmodulin drugs trifluoperazine (1 to 20 µ) and chlorpromazine (1 to 30 µ), or the -type Ca channel antagonist nifedepine (1 to 10 µ) or the Ca-specific ionophore A23187 (0.05 to 1.0 µ), did not modify the extracellular titre of rabies virus significantly over a 48 h period. The inference from these studies is that the maturation of rabies virus is independent of the integrity of the microfilament structures and calmodulin-dependent processes of neuronal cells.


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