Northern blot analysis with cDNA probes to RNA-3 (1 kb) of raspberry bushy dwarf virus (RBDV) revealed extensive sequence homology with RBDV RNA-2 (2.2 kb). Nucleotide sequencing showed that RNA-2 contains two large open reading frames (ORFs), of 1074 (5′ ORF) and 822 (3′ ORF) bases. The 3′ ORF is virtually identical in sequence to RNA-3, which encodes the 30509 (30K) coat protein. The 5′ ORF encodes an 38860 (39K) protein which slightly resembles the 32K protein encoded by RNA-3 of alfalfa mosaic virus (AIMV). RBDV RNA-2 resembles AIMV RNA-3 in being bicistronic and encoding a coat protein at the 3′ end. Comparing RNA-1 and RNA-2 of RBDV, only the 18 3′-terminal nucleotides are identical in sequence but the 3′-terminal 71 nucleotides of each RNA species have the potential to form similar stem-loop structures.


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