The nucleotide sequence of the RNA genome of foxtail mosaic virus (FMV), a member of the potexvirus family, is 6151 nucleotides long, exclusive of a poly(A) tail. The RNA contains five principal open reading frames (ORFs), designated from the 5′ terminus as encoding proteins with values of 152.3K (ORF1), 26.4K (ORF2) which overlaps an 11.3K (ORF3) product, 5.8K (ORF4) which overlaps a 28.8K readthrough protein (ORF5A) which leads into the coat protein cistron of 23.7K (ORF5). The sizes and composition of the proteins encoded by the ORFs are generally similar to those found in other potexviruses; the least similar is the coat protein which nonetheless retains apparently critical consensus regions. The 5′ terminus of the previously reported 0.9 kb subgenomic (sg) RNA was determined by S1 nuclease mapping and shown to begin with the sequence GAAGA, 43 nucleotides upsteam from the first nucleotide of the coat protein initiation codon. The positions of the 5′ end of this sgRNA and of that deduced from the nucleotide sequence for a 1.9 kb sgRNA are entirely consistent with the previously published sizes of these sgRNAs.


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