The complete nucleotide sequence of a Venezuelan isolate of potato yellow mosaic virus (PYMV) has been determined, showing it to be typical of subgroup I geminiviruses in that it is whitefly-transmitted, has a circular, bipartite ssDNA genome and possesses bidirectionally orientated open reading frames (ORFs). The two genomic components have little sequence similarity apart from a common region of 268 nucleotides (nt) which is almost identical. Analysis of ORFs revealed six potential coding regions encoding proteins of > 10K, four in PYMV A (2593 nt) and two in PYMV B (2547 nt), which are preceded by regulatory transcription elements and have polyadenylation signals present at the ends. Amino acid sequence alignments of PYMV DNA ORF-encoded proteins with those encoded by other previously sequenced geminivirus ORFs show that PYMV is closely related to those geminiviruses isolated from the New World, especially in the putative coat protein gene regions.


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