We reported earlier that B95a, an Epstein-Barr virus-transformed marmoset B lymphoblastoid cell line, is more susceptible to infection with measles virus than other cells. The cell line also was found to be susceptible to infection with the lapinized Nakamura III (L) strain of rinderpest virus and various strains derived from it. The B95a cell line was therefore the only host cell system available for the propagation and quantification of the L strain. In contrast to the adaptation of the L strain to Vero cells which results in a diminution of virulence in rabbits, the propagation of the virus in B95a cells preserved the virulence and some other properties in rabbits. Furthermore, when Vero cell-adapted variants of the L strain with diminished virulence were serially passaged in B95a cells, virulence in rabbits was gradually regained.


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