A new virus, belonging to the reovirus group, was found in an apparently healthy colony of the brown planthopper, , and was referred to as the reovirus (NLRV). The virus was found in the cytoplasm of the insect cells, sometimes associated with tubular structures, which is one of the characteristic features in tissues infected with reoviruses. The virus was purified by carbon tetrachloride clarification, polyethylene glycol precipitation, differential and CsCl equilibrium centrifugations. The virus has double-shelled particles approximately 65 nm in diameter, containing 10 genome segments of dsRNA. The electrophoretic profile of the dsRNA segments differed from those of viruses associated with rice planthoppers and leafhoppers. Seven proteins were detected in a purified preparation of the virus: four were associated with the core particle and three with the outer shell. A virus antigen was detected in individual insects by ELISA. The virus is retained after injection and is vertically transmitted to the offspring.


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