The proteins of bovine ephemeral fever virus (BEFV) were examined in purified virions and in infected BHK-21 cells. Five structural proteins were named L (180K), G (81K), N (52K), M (43K) and M (29K). The 81 K G protein incorporated [H]glucosamine, was removed from virions by treatment with Triton X-100 and bound monoclonal antibodies which were both neutralizing and protective. Treatment of virions with Triton X-100 and 0.2 to 1.0 -NaCl progressively released L, M and M. The N protein remained associated with nucleocapsids in up to 2.5 -NaCl. The glycoprotein (G), nucleoprotein (N) and matrix protein (M) were phosphorylated. In BEFV-infected BHK-21 cells, five virus-induced proteins were detected from 12 h post-infection. The L, N, M and M proteins corresponded to those detected in virions whereas the G protein existed in two forms. In tunicamycin-treated cells these occurred as 67K and 71K non-glycosylated precursors. In the absence of tunicamycin, 77K and 79K glycosylated forms were further modified to produce the 81K virion G protein and a 90K cell-associated form. Five viral proteins were also detected in cells infected with the closely related Berrimah virus; the Berrimah virus G protein was also present in two forms.


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