The complete nucleotide sequence (1448 nucleotides) of RNA 2 of a Czechoslovakian isolate TpM-34 of red clover necrotic mosaic virus (RCNMV-TpM-34) has been determined. The sequence contained one major open reading frame (ORF) with the potential to encode a protein of 326 amino acids (M 35755), designated P2. The nucleotide sequence of RNA 2 of RCNMV-TpM-34 and the previously published sequence of RNA 2 of an Australian isolate of the virus (RCNMV-Aus) were 83% identical and there was 80% amino acid sequence identity between the P2 proteins of these isolates. However the N-terminal two-thirds of the P2 proteins shared a higher degree of similarity than the C-terminal regions which were predicted to have a more flexible structure. An ORF in the 3′ portion of RNA 2 of RCNMV-Aus, which could encode a protein of 5000, was not present in RNA 2 of RCNMV-TpM-34. RNAs 1 and 2 of RCNMV-TpM-34 and RCNMV-Aus are bilaterally compatible.


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