The antigenic structures of the envelope protein, E, and the non-structural protein, NS1, of dengue type 1 virus (DEN1) have been studied in the form of recombinant fusion proteins expressed in . Deletion analysis was used to identify two distinct antigenic domains in E that reacted with subsets of antiviral monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). Domain I of E extends from amino acid residues (aa) 76 to 93 of E; domain II extends from aa 293 to 402 and contains an essential disulphide bridge. MAbs also reacted with several determinants clustered near the N terminus of the NS1 protein (aa 57 to 126). Recombinant fusion proteins containing sequences and most of the sequences for either E or NS1 were immunogenic in mice. The antibodies elicited by the E fusion protein reacted with a portion of the protein containing domain II, whereas antibodies elicited by the NS1 fusion protein did not react with the antigenic determinants defined by our MAbs.


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