The entire genomic RNA of clover yellow mosaic virus was sequenced from cDNA clones and run-off cDNA transcripts. The genomic RNA is 7015 nucleotides in length [excluding a 3′ poly(A) tail], with six open reading frames (ORFs) greater than 150 nucleotides in length. The first five ORFs encode proteins of 191K, 26K, 12K, 6.5K and 28K, respectively. The sixth ORF lies completely within ORF1 and codes for a protein of 14K. The capsid protein coding region ( 23K) is found within ORF5 which encodes the 28K protein. Proteins encoded by ORFs 1 to 3 and ORF5 show strong homology with proteins of other potexviruses, especially papaya mosaic virus.


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