The replication and polypeptide synthesis of Abadina virus, a member of the Palyam serogroup of orbiviruses, was studied. The first virus-specified proteins could be demonstrated 2 to 4 h post-infection (p.i.) by immunoprecipitation. The rate of synthesis increased rapidly until 12 h p.i. after which it remained fairly constant until 18 h p.i. when it began to decline. Host cell protein synthesis shutoff was incomplete. Twelve virus-induced polypeptides were identified in infected cell lysates, ranging in from 36K to 143K. Three small polypeptides ( 15K to 20K) identified in homologous immunoprecipitation studies are also thought to be virus-specified. Nine structural proteins were identified, four being major components of the purified virion. Partial proteolysis was used to demonstrate homology between some proteins. Pulse-chase experiments provided no evidence for a precursor-product relationship between any of the Abadina virus proteins. A non-structural protein was found to be phosphorylated.


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