We have developed a cell-free system derived from measles virus-infected cells that supported the transcription and replication of measles virus RNA . The data suggest that tubulin may be required for these reactions, since an anti-β-tubulin monoclonal antibody inhibited viral RNA synthesis and the addition of purified tubulin stimulated measles virus RNA synthesis . Tubulin may be a subunit of the viral RNA polymerase, since two different anti-tubulin antibodies, one specific for the β- and another specific for the α-subunit of tubulin, coimmunoprecipitated the measles virus L protein as well as tubulin from extracts of measles virus-infected cells. Other experiments further implicated actin in the budding process during virus maturation, as there appeared to be a specific association of actin only with nucleocapsids that have terminated RNA synthesis, which is presumably a prerequisite to budding.


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