Alfalfa cryptic virus 1 (ACV1) was purified from alfalfa plant clone () and characterized. The genome of ACV 1 consists of two dsRNAs, one with an estimated of 1⋅27 × 10 (RNA 1) and the other of 1⋅17 × 10 (RNA 2); the virus capsid is built from one polypeptide of estimated 54000. An RNA-dependent RNA polymerase able to replicate the genomic RNAs is associated with purified virus particles. translation showed that each of the genomic RNAs encodes a polypeptide and that encoded by RNA 2 is the capsid protein. These polypeptides account for about 95% and 83% of the coding capacity of RNA 1 and RNA 2, respectively. In Western and Northern blot experiments close affinity was found between ACV 1 and hop trefoil cryptic virus 1, a cryptovirus found in . No affinity was detected with any other cryptovirus tested.


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