Enterovirus type 70 (EV70) is the causative agent of acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis and may also give rise to a rare neurological complication closely resembling poliomyelitis. The complete nucleotide sequence of the genome of EV70 has been determined from cDNA cloned in . The genome consists of a 5′ non-coding region of 726 nucleotides (nt), a long open reading frame of 6582 nt and a 3′ non-coding region of 82 nt prior to the poly(A) tract. Comparison of the nucleotide sequence and the predicted amino acid sequence of the polyprotein with those published for other enteroviruses reveals sufficiently high similarity to predict antigenic regions and polyprotein cleavage sites. The P1 region of EV70 is as similar to those of the entero- as to those of the rhinoviruses, whereas the P2 and P3 regions are more closely related to the coxsackie B and swine vesicular disease viruses than other entero- or rhinoviruses.


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