We have mapped a set of transcripts that cross the I site in the dIII F fragment of the genome of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus. These transcripts overlap at their 5′ ends by about 550 bases and run in opposite directions. We have tentatively identified two open reading frames corresponding to the leftward transcript. The rightward transcript is present from 8 h post-infection (p.i.) to 24 h p.i.; the leftward transcripts are present from 2 h p.i. to 24 h p.i. The early (2 h) transcript is about 2.1 kb in size and its 5′ end maps about 504 bp to the right of the I site. Beginning at about 8 h p.i. a new transcription start site is used, about 80 bp downstream (to the left) of the first. The late (rightward) transcript is about 1.2 kb in size; its 5′ end seems to be heterogeneous and maps about 44 to 60 bp to the left of the I site. Late in infection transcription proceeds in both directions at the same time through the overlapping region of the DNA encoding these transcripts.


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