During herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) latent infection of the mouse trigeminal ganglion there is limited viral gene expression. The latency-associated transcripts (LAT) map approximately to the I-I fragment within the HI B and HI E fragments (long repeat regions) of the viral genome. Additional weak hybridization signals have been detected by hybridization that correspond to transcription from HSV-1 DNA fragments adjacent to the I-I fragment. We mapped the region encoding this additional transcription. This minor latency-associated RNA (m-LAT) was shown to map to a group of contiguous fragments (approximately 8·3 kb of DNA), which are adjacent to the 3′ end of LAT and to a (2·0 kb) fragment adjacent to the 5′ end of the LAT. Using single-stranded probes in hybridization experiments, we showed that the I-HI and HI-I regions of m-LAT are transcribed in a rightward direction within the long internal repeat region. This low abundance RNA may be related to the previously described LAT.


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