Three monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) have been raised against cell membrane-derived herpes simplex virus type 1 glycoprotein C (gC-1). By using different DNA constructs of gC-1 expressed in the sites recognized by these antibodies could be assigned to a peptide in the more hydrophobic and probably non-glycosylated middle third of the gC-1 molecule. This peptide segment corresponds to a 571 bp segment on the gC-1 gene located between the I and the I restriction sites. None of the three MAbs interfered with the binding of the human serum complement component C3b to gC, which has been shown to be rather glycosylation-dependent. Since the data of other groups have suggested that antibodies directed against all regions of gC-1 inhibit C3b binding to gC-1, whereas our results suggest that the central part of gC-1 is not actually involved in C3b-binding activity, it can be inferred that the N- and C-terminal segments are involved in C3b binding by gC-1.


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