Immunoglobulin G Fc receptors (IgG FcRs) induced by human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) were isolated from solubilized HCMV-infected cell extracts by IgG affinity chromatography and analysed by Western blotting using I-labelled human IgG and Fc. FcR species of 130K, 65K, 50K and 38K were found to mediate the binding of IgG. The 130K and 65K FcRs were also detected on HCMV virions. All four FcRs were reactive with a murine monoclonal antibody to herpes simplex virus glycoprotein E. Anti-HCMV antibodies markedly inhibited the binding of I-labelled human IgG Fc to the 130K and 50K species but inhibited to a lesser extent the binding to the 65K FcR.


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