A rice stripe virus isolate (RSV isolate T), which was first isolated from an RSV-resistant cultivar of rice, induced atypically severe symptoms in wheat plants. The isolate also produced larger amounts of the fastest sedimenting nucleoprotein component (nB) in wheat plants than in rice plants. Four species of dsRNA of 5 × 10, 2.5 × 10, 1.8 × 10 and 1.5 × 10, as well as four species of ssRNA were detected in RNA extracts of purified filamentous virus particles of isolate T. The values of the ssRNAs were estimated by agarose gel electrophoresis to be approximately 3 × 10, 1.6 × 10, 1.1 × 10 and 0.9 × 10. These values are significant revisions of those published earlier. Northern blot hybridization showed that each ssRNA of RSV isolate T had a unique sequence. Shorter viral RNAs were neither collinear with longer RNAs nor subgenomic RNAs. Each dsRNA of RSV isolate T contained the sequence of the ssRNA with the same strand length.

Keyword(s): characterization , RNAs and RSV

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