Heating human adenovirus types 1 and 6 at 56° reduced infectivity very rapidly. A treatment for 10 to 15 min. usually completely destroyed the infectivity. However, the rescue of heated virus occurred when HEp-2 cells were inoculated simultaneously with heat-inactivated type 1 or 6 and u.v.-irradiated type 8.

Rescue was dependent upon the length of heat treatment, as viruses heated at 56° for more than 20 min. could not be rescued. On the other hand, the rescue of heat-inactivated type 6 was related to the u.v. dose employed, i.e. type 8 unirradiated or irradiated for 20 min. was not suitable for rescue.

The possible mechanism of rescue observed with heat-inactivated adenovirus types 1 and 6 by u.v.-irradiated type 8 is discussed.


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