Twelve Palyam serogroup orbiviruses isolated in Zimbabwe from aborted cattle foetuses, plus one isolated from the visceral organs of a cow and another from vulture faeces, were examined in comparison with known members of the serogroup by complement fixation, indirect immunofluorescence, fluorescent focus reduction neutralization tests and PAGE of the segmented, dsRNA genomes. The viruses were indistinguishable from known members of the serogroup by complement fixation and indirect immunofluorescence, but two novel viruses, for which the names Gweru and Marondera are proposed, and two previously described viruses, Nyabira and Abadina, were identified by neutralization tests. The dsRNA profiles of Abadina serotype isolates differed from that of the Abadina prototype virus, indicating that different electropherotypes may occur within serotypes.

Keyword(s): orbivirus , Palyam serogroup and serology

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