Double-stranded cDNA of potato virus X (PVX) genomic RNA has been cloned and sequenced. The sequence [6435 nucleotides excluding the poly(A) tract] revealed five open reading frames (ORFs) which were numbered one to five starting at the 5′ terminus of the RNA. They encoded proteins of 165588 (166K), 24622 (25K), 12324 (12K), 7595 (8K) and 25080 (coat protein), respectively. ORFs 1 and 2 were inphase coding regions. The ORF 1 product contained domains of homology with the tobacco mosaic virus 126K and 183K products. The ORF 2 and 3 products showed homologies with the barley stripe mosaic virus 58K and 14K proteins, the beet necrotic yellow vein virus 42K and 13K products and the white clover mosaic virus 26K and 13K products, respectively. The significance of these homologies with respect to putative functions of the PVX-encoded proteins are discussed.

Keyword(s): nucleotide sequence , potexvirus and PVX

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