Genetics and Pathogenicity of Negative Strand Viruses

Dinard, France September 18–23 1988

The seventh triennial international conference on negative strand viruses will be organized by Anne Flamand, Dan Kolakofsky and Brian Many. For information please contact:

Dr Brian Mahy

AFRC Institute for Animal Health

Pirbright Laboratory


Surrey GU24 0NF


Tel: +44 483 232442 Telex 859137 AVRI G

First Asia-Pacific Congress of Medical Virology

Singapore 6–11 November 1988

The scientific programme has been planned to cater for the interests of both the virologist and the clinician. Eighteen distinguished scientists will talk on AIDS, viral vaccines, viruses and cancers, viral hepatitis, persistent viral infections and viral haemorrhagic fevers. Participants are invited to submit papers for the colloquia and poster sessions. An interesting social programme for accompanying persons as well as post-congress tours in South-East Asia are available. For further information please contact:

The Congress Secretariat

c/o Department of Microbiology

National University of Singapore

Lower Kent Ridge Road

Singapore 0511

Tel: +65 7723276 Telex 33943 UNISPO RS

Electron Microscopy in Applied Plant Pathology

Konstanz, F.R.G. 19–22 September 1989

Organized by Kurt Mendgen, University of Konstanz and Dietrich-E. Lesemann, Biologische Bundesanstalt für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Braunschweig.

The scope of this symposium is to provide up-to-date reviews of a broad spectrum of electron microscopical techniques currently in use as well as to demonstrate their application to the study of various groups of plant pathogens and of host-pathogen (symbiont) interactions. In plenary sessions invited speakers of different disciplines will review their field of research. Offered papers will be presented in poster sessions. For further information please contact:

Prof. Dr Kurt Mendgen

University of Konstanz

Lehrstuhl für Phytopathologie

D-7750 Konstanz


Tel: +49 7531 882105 Telex 073359 UNIV D


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