The simian virus 40 (SV40) mutant carries a 55 base pair deletion in the viral early region coding sequences that causes premature termination of large tumour (T) antigen translation resulting in a protein fragment consisting of the amino-terminal 399 residues. The mutation renders the virus defective. We report the characterization of , which was isolated as a single plaque following cotransfection of permissive cells with DNA and the DNA of a related papovavirus, simian agent 12 (SA12). arose by two homologous recombination events involving crossovers in regions of 7 and 12 base pairs of perfect homology between the two viruses. synthesizes a hybrid T antigen with the amino-terminal 382 residues encoded by SV40, residues 383 to 449 encoded by SA12, and the carboxy-terminal 259 residues encoded by SV40.


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