Attempts were made to label the termini of dsRNAs corresponding to the two genomic RNAs of grapevine chrome mosaic nepovirus (GCMV). It was not possible to label the 5′ ends of the dsRNAs with [γ-P]ATP, which suggests that a genome-linked protein blocks their 5′ ends. Both dsRNA species were labelled at their 3′ ends with pCp. The 3′-terminal sequences were determined by ‘wandering spot’ or by partial enzymic cleavage analysis. One strand (presumably positive) ended in a poly(A) 30 to 50 nucleotides long whereas the other (presumably negative) ended in 3′-ACCUUUUAAAAAG (RNA1) or 3′-ACCUUUUAAUAAAG (RNA2). The sequences resemble closely those complementary to the 5′ ends of the RNAs of tomato black ring virus (strain S), which is distantly related to GCMV.

Keyword(s): GCMV , nepovirus and RNA sequencing

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