In this study we aimed to define the protein and viral subtype specificities of helper T cells to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). BALB/c mice were primed by infection with RSV, or with vaccinia viruses (VV) containing genes encoding several individual RSV proteins. Priming for T cell memory was assayed by stimulating spleen cells with different RSV isolates and measuring RSV-specific interleukin 2 (IL-2) release by T cells into supernatants using an IL-2-dependent CTLL cell line. Splenocytes from mice primed intranasally with RSV exhibited RSV-specific T cell memory, whereas those from unprimed mice did not. T cell recognition was in part specific to the strain of RSV used in priming and in part cross-reactive between RSV strains. Intraperitoneal priming with RSV fusion protein-expressing VV or nucleoprotein-expressing VV induced a stronger RSV-specific T cell response than the attachment glycoprotein-expressing VV which produced only slight T recognition. No T cell recognition of two non-structural proteins (1A and 1B) could be demonstrated.

Keyword(s): helper T cells , interleukin 2 and RSV

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