Interferon (IFN) response mutants were selected from mouse L929 fibroblast cells and their specific resistance to -1, an IFN-sensitive mutant of mengovirus, was studied. The standard L cell subline used in our laboratory (G3), is resistant to -1 infection after pretreatment with low levels of IFN. Two clonal sublines that support the growth of -1 in the presence of IFN (AS-4 and TA-6) were isolated from it, and two revertant lines (AS-4R1 and TA-6R1) were subsequently selected from AS-4 and TA-6. The kinetics of -1 growth in the presence of IFN were found to vary in each of these sublines. Specific resistance to -1 cannot be accounted for by enhanced induction of IFN, ability to bind IFN, or increased 2′-5′-oligo(A)-dependent endonuclease activity. AS-4 and TA-6 appear to have arisen through loss of one or more whole chromosomes. The origin of TA-6R1 is unclear.


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