Six interspecific hybridomas (heterohybridomas) secreting bovine monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) against respiratory syncytial (RS) virus were produced. Four of the heterohybridomas were formed using the mouse myeloma cell line NS1 as the fusion partner, one using NS0, and the remaining heterohybridoma was formed using a bovine × murine hybridoma as the fusion partner. Five heterohybridomas secreted bovine IgG1 and one secreted IgG2. All six MAbs recognized human subtype A and B viruses as well as bovine RS virus. They were specific for the fusion glycoprotein and reacted with a 140K dimer and a 70K monomer in a Western blot of native antigen; three also bound to the 46K F component and its 22K cleavage product in a blot of reduced antigen. Two of these MAbs neutralized RS virus infectivity, inhibited virus-induced fusion, lysed RS virus-infected cells in the presence of complement and protected mice against RS virus challenge.


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