We have determined the DNA sequence of the long repeat region (R) in the genome of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) strain 17, as 9215 bp of composition 71.6% G + C. In addition, the sequences of parts of the long unique region (U) adjacent to the terminal (TR) and internal (IR) copies of R were determined (2611 and 3836 bp, respectively). Gene organization in these regions of U was deduced from the sequences and other available data. It was proposed that the region of U sequenced, adjacent to TR, contains three complete genes, none with significant previous characterization, and that the region of U adjacent to IR also contains three genes, one encoding the immediate early protein IE63. The R sequence contains one well characterized gene, for the protein IE110, whose organization we have described previously. Between the downstream end of the IE110 gene and U there is a 3500 bp segment of R in which we did not find convincing protein-coding sequences, and which thus remains of obscure functionality. Upstream of the IE110 gene is a region previously proposed by others to contain a gene. However, our sequence data are not compatible with their interpretation. We do consider it possible that the region is protein-coding, but regard gene organization here as still unresolved.


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