Analysis of the 136 possible pairings of the coat protein amino acid sequences from 17 strains of eight distinct potyviruses revealed a bimodal distribution of sequence homology. Distinct members of the group exhibited sequence homologies ranging from 38 to 71% (average 54%) with major differences in the length and sequence of their N termini and high sequence homology in the C-terminal half of the coat proteins. In contrast strains of individual viruses exhibited sequence homologies of 90 to 99% (average 95%) and had very similar N-terminal sequences. These findings cast doubt on the currently held ‘continuum’ hypothesis proposed to explain the unsatisfactory taxonomy of the potyvirus group. The coat protein sequence data, in combination with information on the nature of the potyvirus particle assembly, can be used to develop rationally designed, simple serological techniques that appear to be more useful and more easily applied than those properties previously used for potyvirus identification and classification.


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