The pyrimidine deoxyribonucleoside kinase (dPK) genes from five wild-type and four acyclovir-resistant varicella-zoster virus (VZV) strains were studied. One of the acyclovir-resistant strains was isolated from a patient receiving chronic acyclovir therapy. Acyclovir-resistant strains expressed the 1.8 kb VZV dPK transcript but lacked dPK activity. To determine the basis for the lack of enzyme activity the dPK gene from each strain was cloned and its DNA sequence determined. The VZV dPK gene was found to be highly conserved among strains, with greater than 99% nucleotide and amino acid homology. Each acyclovir-resistant VZV strain differed from its wild-type parent in only a single amino acid. The dPK genes from the acyclovir-resistant strains contained either point mutations near the putative thymidine-binding site of the enzyme or ones that resulted in the premature termination of protein synthesis. Single point mutations were sufficient to render these strains dPK-negative and highly resistant to acyclovir. The molecular basis for acyclovir resistance at the dPK locus of VZV is similar to that previously noted to render herpes simplex viruses resistant to acyclovir.


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