The genome of the autonomous parvovirus minute virus of mice (MVM) is organized in two overlapping transcription units: the genes coding for the two non-structural proteins (NS-1 and NS-2) are transcribed from a promoter (P04) located at map unit 4, whereas the promoter controlling the capsid protein genes (P39) lies at map unit 39. We studied the effect of viral proteins on the activity of the P39 promoter . By site-directed mutagenesis we constructed clones encoding only one of the two NS proteins. The activity of the P39 promoter was measured in HeLa or EL-4 cells transfected with these clones, either by an RNase protection assay or by following the expression of a reporter gene, CAT (which codes for chloramphenicol acetyltransferase), placed under the control of this promoter. We found that the P39 promoter of strain MVMi is activated by a viral gene product, and evidence to suggest that NS-1 is the only viral gene product responsible for this -activation. We also determined that the mechanism of -activation is very rapid, since all species of viral mRNAs appear together in non-synchronized infected EL-4 cells within a 2 h interval.

Keyword(s): MVM , parvovirus and trans-activation

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