The F13 isolate of grapevine fanleaf virus (GFLV) differs from other isolates in that it induces severe symptoms on . We show here that its particles contain three RNA species with sizes, estimated by electrophoresis in agarose gels containing formaldehyde, of 6800 nucleotides (RNA1), 3900 nucleotides (RNA2) and 1150 nucleotides (RNA3). The three RNA species are polyadenylated and probably have a genome-linked protein at their 5′ end. RNA1 and RNA2 are known to be genomic RNAs. Evidence for the satellite nature of RNA3 came from Northern blot analysis with DNA probes. A probe originating from the 3′ end region of RNA3 and corresponding to one-third of the molecule did not hybridize with either RNA1 or RNA2. Conversely 3′-terminal cDNA probes of RNA1 and RNA2 did not hybridize significantly to RNA3. Further proof of the satellite nature of RNA3 is that it depends on RNA1 and RNA2 for its multiplication in . RNA3 acts as mRNA in wheatgerm extract and directs the synthesis of a 39000 protein.


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