Quasi-elastic light scattering studies were made of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) in 10 m- or 100 m-Tris-HCl buffer pH 7.2, or in 100 m-sodium phosphate buffer pH 7.2. The translational diffusion coefficients, extrapolated to zero TMV concentration, were 3.75 × 10 cm/s in phosphate buffer and 4.50 × 10 cm/s in Tris buffer; the latter value is in good accord with that calculated for monodispersed TMV. Sedimentation studies showed that one sedimentating component was formed in Tris buffer, but two broad bands were formed in phosphate buffer. Sedimentation coefficients were 192 for monodispersed TMV and 214 for the second component, showing that it was an aggregate. These results indicate that the lower translational diffusion coefficient obtained in phosphate buffer is caused by the presence of TMV aggregates, and that Tris buffer is better than phosphate buffer for the preparation of monodispersed TMV solutions.


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