The p28 core polypeptides of four isolates of caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus (CAEV) from goats was compared with those of visna virus (VV) and progressive pneumonia virus (PPV) from sheep. Monoclonal antibodies recognized p28 epitopes common to all six retrovirus isolates, a p28 epitope on four CAEV isolates, but not VV and PPV isolates, a p28 epitope on four CAEV isolates and VV, but not PPV and a p28 epitope unique to the CAEV isolate used for immunizing the mouse spleen donor. Comparison of two-dimensional maps of tyrosine containing tryptic peptides of p28 demonstrated that three CAEV isolates had similar maps while a fourth CAEV isolate, VV and PPV had several peptides different from the three closely related CAEV p28s and from each other.


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