Antisera to the 32000 (32K) capsid and 16500 (16.5K) major non-capsid proteins were used for immunological analyses of extracts from maize stripe virus (MStpV)-infected maize () plants and from inoculative , the MStpV planthopper vector. The 32K protein was easily detected in extracts of both MStpV-infected plants and inoculative by ELISA and by immunological analysis of Western blots. In a time course study, no 32K protein was detected in until 8 days after the beginning of a 5 day acquisition access period on MStpV-infected plants. The percentage of MStpV-positive increased with time indicating multiplication of MStpV in . The 32K protein was detected only in individual that also transmitted MStpV to plant hosts. The 16.5K protein was also detected in MStpV-infected plant hosts but not in extracts of groups or of individual MStpV-inoculative translation of MStpV virion RNAs in rabbit reticulocyte lysates showed that both the 32K and 16.5K proteins were present in the translation products. The ready detection of the MStpV-coded 32K protein in both plant and insects and detection of the 16.5K protein in only plant hosts is discussed.


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