The humoral immune response in sera and cerebrospinal fluids (CSFs) of dogs with various forms of canine distemper virus (CDV)-induced encephalitis was assessed by immunoprecipitation of radiolabelled nucleocapsid, phosphoprotein, membrane (M), haemagglutinin and fusion proteins. Sera from vaccinated dogs and hyperimmune sera contained antibodies to all the above antigens. In two cases of old dog encephalitis the sera and CSFs showed a restricted response to the M protein of CDV, whilst in three other cases of old dog encephalitis, two cases of chronic distemper (meningo-) encephalitis and experimentally induced encephalitis the humoral immune response appeared to be directed primarily to the nucleocapsid, phosphoprotein and the M protein but not the haemagglutinin or fusion proteins. Precipitation of the M protein by most of the sera was observed only when the antigen had been prepared by translation.


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