Cross-neutralization assays were done using 85 strains of poliovirus type 1 with five groups of monoclonal antibodies. These strains were classified into 10 subgroups which had marked differences in antigenicity. Subgroups P1-2 (28%) and P1-5 (43%) were dominant and have been epidemic in China in recent years. These two subgroups were antigenically different from the Sabin-1 strain, but according to their responses to one group of monoclonal antibodies they had antigenic epitopes in common with the Mahoney and Brunhilde strains. Similarly, 91 strains of type 3 poliovirus were classified into six subgroups with another five groups of monoclonal antibodies. The results showed that strain P3/Yunnan/2/84, which was isolated from cases of poliomyelitis in a local epidemic in the Yunnan province of China in 1984, and strain P3/Finland/23127/84, which was isolated in Finland in 1984, were both antigenically different from the Sabin-3 strain and the reference virulent strain.


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