The complete nucleotide sequence of the human parainfluenza virus type 3 (HPIV3) fusion (F) protein gene has been determined. The HPIV3 F gene is 1851 nucleotides long including six U residues in the genomic RNA, which probably direct synthesis of the first few nucleotides in the F mRNA polyadenylate tail. The HPIV3 F gene contains a single long open reading frame coding for 539 amino acids. The predicted molecular weight of the unglycosylated precursor F protein was 60031. Four potential carbohydrate acceptor sites were identified. Comparison of the HPIV3 F protein sequence with the F gene sequences of two other paramyxoviruses, Sendai virus and simian virus 5, indicated a very close evolutionary relationship between HPIV3 and Sendai virus. Sequence analysis of HPIV3 F gene flanking regions identified signals which appear to be responsible for polymerase recognition and polyadenylation.


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