The susceptibility of adenovirus to the inhibitory effect of human interferons was investigated. We tested recombinant human interferons-α, -β and -γ against adenovirus serotypes 1 and 5 (group C), 3 and 7a (group B), and a wild strain isolated from an acutely ill child who later died. Pretreatment of WISH cells with interferon-γ for 24 h induced a dose-dependent inhibition of multiplication of all adenovirus strains tested, the TCID varying from 25 to 90 IU/ml. Human interferon-α was unable to decrease adenovirus multiplication, while interferon-β at 2000 IU/ml slightly lowered the yield of adenovirus. Similar results were obtained in HEp-2 and FS-4 cells, while A-549 and peripheral blood mononuclear cells were insensitive to interferon-γ. The difference between the effects of interferon-γ and interferon-α and -β on adenovirus multiplication suggests that its mechanism of antiviral action is different.


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