Particles of festuca leaf streak virus (FLSV) contain three major proteins. One of these [mol. wt. 49000 (49K)] is the main constituent of the nucleocapsid, whereas the other two (mol. wt. 58K and 20K) were released from the nucleocapsid when particles were treated with non-ionic detergent. The 58K protein is glycosylated. The 58K, 49K and 20K proteins correspond to the G, N and M proteins of rhabdoviruses, respectively. Four minor proteins associated with the virus particles have mol. wt. of 189K, 117K, 101K and 41K. The 189K and 101K proteins are associated with the nucleocapsid, whereas the 117K protein was found in the soluble fraction after detergent treatment. Nucleic acid isolated from virus particles is probably RNA with an estimated mol. wt. of 4.3 × 10. The buoyant density of virus particles in sucrose was estimated to be 1.194 g/ml and the to be 704S. The present results, together with previous information, make FLSV a definitive member of subgroup A of the plant rhabdovirus group of the family .


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