Use has been made of a monoclonal antibody (designated 8F5) to map a neutralizing epitope on the viral capsid protein VP2 of human rhinovirus 2 (HRV2). This antibody which was raised against the native virus, neutralizes HRV2 and is also capable of recognizing denatured VP2 on Western blots. To examine the binding site of 8F5, VP2 of HRV2 was expressed in . Deletions starting at the 3′ end were then introduced into the gene for VP2 using Bal-31 nuclease. Polypeptides shortened at the carboxy terminus of VP2 were obtained from the deletions and were blotted onto nitrocellulose. The samples were then probed with monoclonal antibody 8F5. Recognition by 8F5 was maintained as long as the expressed polypeptide contained the VP2 sequence up to amino acid 164 or beyond. However, when the VP2 sequence was truncated to amino acid 153 or less 8F5 was no longer able to bind. The neutralization epitope (or part of it) recognized by 8F5 on VP2 is therefore located between amino acids 153 and 164.


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