Rat-9G cells carry several stably integrated copies of the major immediate early (IE) transcription unit of the human cytomegalovirus (HCMV). In these cells IE expression is repressed but inducible. In this report we describe the DNA methylation status of II, I and II sites within the IE gene, determined at different passage levels. Most, if not all, of the resident IE genes were progressively methylated in a similar fashion. This resulted in DNA methylation patterns in which sites surrounding the IE upstream region were preferentially methylated to a high degree. In contrast, sites within the 19 bp IE enhancer elements were markedly under-methylated. This particular DNA methylation pattern probably resulted from differences in DNA methylation rates, sites within the IE enhancer being methylated at only a very low rate. Methylation of the IE genes did not affect their inducibility, which might be related to the very low methylation level of the IE enhancer.


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