The DNA of soybean chlorotic mottle virus (SoyCMV) has been isolated. When analysed by gel electrophoresis, the native DNA formed multiple bands resembling DNA from other caulimoviruses. The viral DNA was cloned in bacterial vectors. Cloned DNA was used to map restriction sites on the SoyCMV DNA. Comparison of cloned DNAs of SoyCMV and cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) by Southern transfer hybridization revealed the absence of significant sequence homology. Electrophoresis in denaturing gels showed that SoyCMV DNA had three single-strand discontinuities (‘gaps’), one in one strand and two in the other, and the positions of these gaps were mapped on the viral DNA. Potential primer sites for reverse transcription were detected in the cloned DNA by sequence analysis of regions around the gap sites. The results obtained definitely establish SoyCMV as a member of the caulimovirus group and suggest a replication mechanism for this virus similar to that described for CaMV.


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