Glycoproteins synthesized in both human (HeLa and HEp-2) and simian (Vero and BS-C-1) cell lines following infection with two different strains of respiratory syncytial virus (A2 and Long) were analysed by SDS-PAGE following immunoprecipitation with monoclonal antibodies. Minor virus strain-dependent differences in the large glycoprotein, G, and the fusion protein polypeptides F and F were observed together with minor cell line-dependent differences in the size of the F polypeptide. Major quantities of two glycoproteins, termed Ga (50K) and Gb (45K), were detected in A2 strain-, and to a lesser extent in Long strain-, infected simian cells. These proteins were also present in infected human cells, but in much reduced amounts. Immunoprecipitation with anti-G monoclonal antibodies demonstrated that Ga and Gb shared different epitopes with G.


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