immunization of BALB/c mice with poliovirus type 1, strain Mahoney, or with its purified polypeptides resulted in 0.2 to 0.5 antigen-specific hybridoma microcultures per 10 spleen cells. Stimulation of spleen cells from mice immunized with poliovirus or with its polypeptides with poliovirus 6 days prior to fusion with the myeloma cells led to a six- to 20-fold increase in the number of positive microcultures, i.e. after stimulation the yield of poliovirus-specific hybridomas was up to 3.8 antigen-specific microcultures per 10 spleen cells. The stimulation of spleen cells primed was demonstrated by the detection of poliovirus-specific antibody-producing cells 6 days after cultivation in the presence of poliovirus as antigen. Only spleen cells stimulated under these conditions gave rise to specific antibody-producing cells and yielded antigen-specific hybridomas after somatic hybridization.


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