Fibroblast cell lines infected with different strains of gibbon ape leukaemia virus or the related woolly monkey virus (SSAV) synthesized two RNA species of approximately 8=·4 kb and 2·9 kb. The former, a complete RNA, represents the mRNA, while the latter is a spliced transcript lacking and , and represents the mRNA. In contrast, RNA from one T-lymphoid cell line derived from a gibbon ape T-lymphocytic leukaemia (UCD-144) expressed a viral mRNA in addition to and mRNA. This RNA is 6·4 kb and lacks at least 3=·0 kb of sequences derived from the internal region of the viral genome, including most or all of the gene. These data, as well as data from Southern blots of UCD-144 DNA, suggest that the 6·4 kb mRNA could represent a transcript from a defective recombinant provirus and may contain cell-derived sequences.


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