Ten of 12 Chandipura virus CE mutants, which exhibit temperature-dependent restriction of growth in chick embryo (CE) cells but not in BS-C-1 cells, showed deficient transcriptase activity at 39 °C relative to wild-type virus. A gradation in transcriptional activity at 39 °C was observed. Reversion of the CE phenotype to unrestricted growth in CE cells at 39 °C was accompanied by partial restoration of normal transcriptase activity at 39 °C, suggesting that reversion was mediated by either extragenic or intragenic suppression. Viral protein synthesis was reduced or absent in CE cells at 39 °C indicating that transcription was also defective under these conditions. Induction of heat-shock proteins in CE cells at 39 °C occurred normally in CE mutant-infected cells and RNA methylation was unaffected.


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