N.A.T.O. Advanced Study Institute. The Molecular Basis of Viral Replication. Maratea (Gulf of Policastro), Italy, August 26–September 7, 1986. Faculty Panel. Y. Aloni; D. H. L. Bishop; J. Content; A-L. Haenni; P. M. Howley; A. S. Huang; D. Kolakofsky; R. Lazzarini; A. J. Levine; M. A. McCrae; B. W. J. Mahy; B. Moss; P. Palese; R. Perez Bercoff; B. Roizman; G. B. Rossi; M. Rossman; J. Sambrook; M. Schlesinger; M. W. Taylor; P. Tiollais

The purpose of this Conference is to review our present understanding of the molecular mechanisms, structures, and processes involved in the replication of viruses. by Faculty Panel and will provide a comprehensive review of all relevant aspects and issues: the structure of viruses at the atomic level; transcription, processing and translation of viral mRNAs; virus/host cell interactions; the different strategies of replication evolved by viruses; the biology and generation of DI particles; the biochemistry of the interferon system.


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